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Hello and welcome to our website! I’m so glad you’ve decided to give us a visit! I hope you find that it represents all that Delta Gamma, Kappa Chapter stands for.  The women of Delta Gamma are unique, inspiring, and truly beautiful individuals.  As members of Delta Gamma we strive to live out our motto, "Do Good," in every facet of our lives, beginning with our time here at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.  You can find DGs "doing good" in nearly every corner of the University and our community.


As members of Delta Gamma we aspire to live out our motto in the areas of sisterhood, scholarship, service, and leadership.  It is not uncommon to find our members participating in intramural sports, ski trips, movie nights, and themed socials.  DGs do many fun things together but they also work extremely hard.  The dedication these women have to their academics is inspiring to me everyday.  Many of my sisters are tutors, teaching assistants, and members of different scholarship programs on campus.  There's no doubt that the support of a Delta Gamma sister makes the difficult classes and hard tests much more enjoyable.  Having a sister to walk to class with in the morning and stay up late studying with has made all the difference for me throughout my two and a half years at UNL.  Another cornerstone of our membership in Kappa Chapter is service to our community.  Members can be found hanging out with our friends at the nursing home, assisting the residents at the local Commission for the Blind, as well as attending and helping to coordinate events such as the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life and the Dance Marathon Fundraiser for Children's Miracle Network.  The women of Delta Gamma hold an amazing number of leadership positions here in Lincoln and continue to be leaders as they travel the world for study abroad programs, land prestigious internships, and continue their careers after graduation.  Although we share many of the same values, our diverse interests and talents are what set us apart from the crowd as individuals and as a chapter. 


Delta Gamma is so special to me because of the beautiful women that I so graciously call my sisters.  These women provide support, laughter, a shoulder to cry on, and a dependable friendship that lasts beyond our years together at the University.  We are all united by this bond of sisterhood but are uniquely individual in our own aspirations.  That is the beauty of Delta Gamma.  They never fail to put a smile on my face when I’m feeling down and invite me in their room for some popcorn and a movie.  I proudly wear the anchor symbol knowing that it represents the love and joy of its members.  These girls are my family and this place is my home.  


Lauren Largen


Chapter President

Delta Gamma – Kappa Chapter